These are some other design portfolio of our full-brand development projects. We have included a little bit of everything so you can see the diversity in our work.Each project has undergone extensive color profiles, logo branding, website, and print design. CyberNerdz Consulting Inc. goes beyond and more in getting web presence to your business. Our full package service includes Search Engine Optimization, media publicity, user behavior studies, and more...

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Tuesday 16 Oct 2018
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Complete Web Solution for small businesses, affordable proffesional web development solutions
Web Transitions Web Design Services PDF Print E-mail

Web Transitions E-commerce and Support Services

Our goal is to help you create, manage and grow your successful online business. We offer a full range of website design and development services.

Graphic / Website Design - We provide complete graphic and web design services including:

  • Corporate Identification / Logo Design
  • Original Art and Graphic Design
  • Original Flash Web and Web Advertising Design
  • Interactive Flash Presentations
  • Multimedia Presentations
  • Complete Graphic Web Site Design
  • Flash and Microsoft Streaming Video
  • Interactive, data driven web design
  • ASP, ASP.NET, JavaScript, EXE, MSSQL and DLL design and development
  • Complete in-house hosting environment including DNS, Email, FTP, HTTP, MSSQL, ASP, ASP.NET, HTML, JavaScript, MS Streaming Media servers, PCI compliant environments, SSL... everything you need for hassle free hosting.

Website Development - We support a full range of development environments to insure we can meet your needs at a reasonable cost.

  • HTML Adobe Dreamweaver CS4
  • SQL Database Design
  • Data Transformation / Integration / Import / Export
  • Website Programming
    • ASP
    • ASP.NET
    • Java
    • JavaScript
    • Visual Basic
    • VB.NET
    • Flash
    • SOAP
    • XML

Hosting and Co-location - We provide a secure data center with hosting and co-location services for small and medium companies.

  • Shared web hosting with unique IPs
  • Dedicated Servers
  • PCI Compliant Hosting (Restricted functionality and access)
  • Full DNS services
  • Complete Email services
  • Co-location for your servers
  • Managed server co-location
  • Stand-alone and shared statistics servers
  • Shared and co-located MSSQL servers
  • Shared and co-located MS Streaming Media servers

E-commerce Development - Web Transitions has over 10 years experience in e-commerce development, online ordering and payment gateway integration.

  • Integration experience with all major payment gateways
  • Payflow Pro
  • Online Data Corp
  • Virtual Merchant
  • Blue Pay
  • SkipJack
  • Custom e-commerce and shopping cart design and development
  • Online Payments
  • Memberships - one time and monthly / annual billing
  • Products with multiple pricing levels
  • Integrated business rules, pricing and shipping processes
  • Online / Off-line data integration
  • Online sales integration to existing back end order systems
  • Product inventory and order import / export
  • XML information import / export processes
  • Product data import / export / integration with online ordering
  • Dynamic Content / Visitor Integration
  • Search engine key word / user tracking
  • Key word integration in special offer / promotion presentaton
  • Dynamic Visitor Tracking

Custom Database Design, Development and Programming - When you need a custom solution for the Internet, extranet, intranet or traditional networking, Web Transitions can help. We support:

  • Access and SQL Database Design
  • Data Transformation / Integration / Import / Export
  • Programming
  • ASP
  • Java
  • Java Script
  • Visual Basic
  • VB.NET
  • Flash
  • SOAP
  • XML

Web Marketing - Web Transitions can help design and execute many aspects of your web marketing plan.

  • Keyword research - Keyword research is the process for defining a set of keywords and phrases that are likely to produce visitors that want your products / services. After you build your e-commerce site your next step will be to try to entice visitors to shop there. While traffic can be generated through traditional and online advertising the most effective way of reaching those visitors is through search engines because search engines are where people find web sites.
  • Content Optimization - Optimization is creating web page content that helps get your website listed in the top 10 positions in the natural search results in major search engines.
  • Opt-In Email Marketing Solutions - Using email to promote your business, online or off, is still a great marketing tool. We can help you set up a workable solution for your legitimate email marketing including:
  • Double Opt-in email management systems
  • Online automated opt-in / opt-out processes
  • Online email list management
  • Custom Affiliate Programs and Management Systems - Tired of having to fit your needs into the framework of existing affiliate programs? We can create a customized affiliate program solution that meets your needs exactly.
  • Custom Internet Ad tracking - Track the results of your Internet marketing... search engine placement, pay-per-click, banner advertising and content placement.

Content Management Systems - Web Transitions offers a variety of packaged content managed systems as well as custom designed systems.

  • Aliquant - This is a full featured website content management system loaded with features to minimize the technical expertise necessary to create and manage your web site. Aliquant features include:
    • Content creation and management tools
    • Built-in file and image management and upload tools
    • Create and manage multiple membership levels and restrict content by membership level
    • Built-in threaded discussion group publication and management
    • Built-in opt-in email system
    • Built-in news and event publishing with a fully functional event calendar
    • Built-in email forms creation and management
    • Custom content management systems
    • Classified advertising (open and limited access)
    • Dealer locators
    • File download management
    • Membership directories
    • Content management for:
      • Visitor Centers
      • Chambers of Commerce
      • Online Publications
      • Online business and website directories
      • Job postings
      • Online training

Online Training Development and Management - Develop, publish and manage your online training with OWL, our fully integrated online training system. Provide your customers with online instructions, how-to manuals and training for your products. For more information see our online training site,

  • Create and deliver training on a budget
  • Offer customized training programs to your clients
  • Multiple levels of student registration and interaction
  • Set up multiple clients to control student registration to the same course
  • Set up restrictions on how many students can be enrolled for each client
  • Set up multiple instructors for a single course
  • Set up pre-tests, post-tests and content tests
  • Set minimum scores
  • Track student progress through the instructor interface or the client interface.
  • Simple course material creation
  • Re-use much of your existing electronic content with out having to re-enter or re-format.

CyberNerdz Consulting Inc.