These are some other design portfolio of our full-brand development projects. We have included a little bit of everything so you can see the diversity in our work.Each project has undergone extensive color profiles, logo branding, website, and print design. CyberNerdz Consulting Inc. goes beyond and more in getting web presence to your business. Our full package service includes Search Engine Optimization, media publicity, user behavior studies, and more...

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Tuesday 16 Oct 2018
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E-commerce Online Business consultant for e-commerce store business
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E-commerce Catalog Features


Store setup, layout - and design

  • Store Layout and Design
    Use our simple layout and design wizards and WYSIWYG editor to set up how your site will look and what features to use in your catalog. Each feature has it's own design wizard to set fonts, colors and look. Change the information on your opening page without HTML knowledge, as often as you want using our WYSIWYG editor.
  • Add real-time credit card transaction gateway or process your credit card transactions manually
    Programmed by our most popular payment gateways...Pay Flow Pro and Skipjack. Or you can choose to process your credit card payments manually. PLEASE NOTE: A Security Certificate is REQUIRED.

  • Tax Calculation - You can set up sales tax collection for any locality in the US or Canada.

  • Flexible Shipping Calculations
    Gives you a great deal of flexibility in creating shipping types. You can choose to create a very simple, one fee shipping charge or create state wide zones and set shipping fees based on the amount of the purchase...including setting free shipping when the order exceeds a set amount. You can ship by price, order weight or per item. You can also set any product to NOT add shipping.

  • Bulk Product Upload
    Upload or update hundreds or thousands of products using our automated product upload wizard. Change inventory numbers, prices, descriptions or add or delete products from any database or spread sheet.

  • Full FTP access with individual IP
    Bulk upload images or files using any FTP client or Internet Explorer.

  • Manage your catalog from any Internet connected PC
    In your office, at your store, at your home or in your hotel room while you are on can manage your catalog, update prices, review orders, manage your entire catalog from any Internet connected PC

  • Sell thousands of products
    Our shopping cart allows you to sell a virtually unlimited number of products

  • Additional product information
    You can add a link to additional information or another website to each product allowing you to add as much detailed information as you need for each product.

  • No HTML knowledge required
    Use one of our pre-defined templates or create your own template with our easy-to-use style wizards. Add products and custom pages using our WYSIWYG editor

  • Use our WYSIWYG editor to add a virtually unlimited number of custom content pages to your catalog site

  • Customizable Order Emails
    Create custom automated email responses for each major action a customer takes

    Create custom HTML content

  • Customer registration - automatically sends a customized email to the user immediately after they successfully register with the site

    • Lost password -automatically sends a customized email message when a customer requests that their account password be emailed to them
    • Order email - automatically sends a customized email to the user immediately after they have placed an order...also includes the order ID and a link to the website "review order" page
    • Order canceled - automatically sends a custom message to the user when an order is canceled by you
    • Shipping charge change - automatically sends a custom message to the user whey you update the shipping charge on an order
    • Order shipped - automatically sends a custom email message to the user when you enter the shipping information. The email includes the shipping information and your custom message
  • Add store administrators and set permissions on which parts of the catalog they can administer
    You may add as many store administrators as you wish. And you can set which features of the store you want them to have access to.

  • Multiple catalog navigation options
    Our shopping cart allows you to choose from several main navigation options.

    • Main & Subcategories - Set up your own main and subcategories. eShop automatically creates and maintains the category navigation based on the products in the database
    • Divisions - Divisions allows you to create master divisions for your categories. The resulting navigation uses one click dropdown boxes to allow the user to find the products they want.
    • Specialty Categories - Create your own specialty categories such as "Christmas Specials" and add as many products as you want to each specialty category. Each specialty category is automatically added to your navigation bar.
    • Category Attributes -Each category can be assigned up to 10 custom attributes (color, size, type, width, height, etc.). The user can then use choose only the attributes they are interested in. The catalog filters out all other selections
    • Brand - This navigation creates a one-click drop=down that lists all brands in your catalog. When the user chooses a brand the catalog shows a list of only those products



Shopping and Store Management Features

  • One click featured products - A single click adds a product to your featured products list.
  • Add featured products to every product page or your navigation bar - Use our catalog feature switches to add featured products to your navigation bar and product pages.
  • Put your products on sale - Set a start date and end date for the sale and your product automatically goes on sale and comes off sale on those dates
  • New products list - Show a list of your new products. Just set the "new product" switch and enter an end date and the product goes on the new products list and comes off on the date you entered.
  • Make shopping easier with our product variations setup - This system allows you to enter a single product description with up to four custom attributes like size, color or inseam. The user sees one product with a simple drop-down box for each attribute...makes browsing and buying faster and easier for your customers
  • Set percentage quantity discount - Set a percentage off for quantity orders...10% off if you buy 10 or more
  • Set wholesale pricing - Shop handles both retail and wholesale pricing at the same time. Add up to four pricing levels (regular and sale price). Then set each customer to one of the four pricing levels. New customers are automatically set to the retail pricing level
  • Downloadable products - Ring tones, e-books, you can sell downloadable products simply and easily. Just upload the files and create a downloadable product record. After the item is purchased and paid for the user can download the file from your server.
  • Detail product search - VirueMart allows you to add a detailed product search to your site. The user can search by stock code, keyword(s), category, manufacturer, brand or any combination of criteria.
  • Simple Keyword search - Automatically add a keyword search to your site navigation bar using our navigation setup wizard.
  • RMA (Return Material Authorization) system - VirtueMart comes complete with a built-in RMA system. The system allows customers to request a return authorization regardless of how the purchase was, by phone or even in your store.
  • File download section -  eShop includes an easy to use file download section where you can provide product sell sheets, info sheets or any other electronic document/file for free download by your customers. It is easy to set up and maintain.




Search Engine Optimization and marketing features

  • Built-in Opt-in email system
    eShop includes a built-in opt-in email system. Every customer is automatically added to the "customer" opt-in list. You may also create other custom opt-in groups such as a monthly newsletter or monthly specials. The software allows you to build an email send list from any of these groups. You may also build send lists to people who have purchased a specific product or from a specific category within a time frame and send an email to each person on the list. The email includes an automated opt-out link that the user can use to opt-out of any or all of your groups.
  • Built-in affiliate / advertising tracking system
    eShop includes an affiliate / advertising tracking system. It includes an automated sign up for affiliates and link, banner and ad management system that can be accessed by each affiliate. It also includes a reporting system for you and each affiliate. The system can also be used to track clicks into your site from banners and links from other sites including pay-per-click programs.
  • Store Coupons
    Give your customers a break with store coupons. Enter as many coupon codes as you like. Apply percentage off coupons for a single item or a complete order, for one time per customer use or for a specific time period.
  • Gift Cards
    Give your customers a gift card for a specific dollar amount. Each customer can use a specific gift card only once and the store requires that the user make a purchase of at least the same amount as the gift card.
  • SEO HTML catalog page generation
    VirtueMart lets you create two complete sets of HTML catalog optimized for each manufacturer and one optimized for each category. These pages provide search engines with generically optimized web pages for ever product in your catalog.
  • Custom page titles
    Each product and category allows you to create custom page titles which can include the keywords you are trying to promote with search engines.

  • Optional index.html / default.html home page
    VirtueMart uses a dynamic home page for your catalog. If you need to create a customized and optimized home page you may. Just create the page and upload it to your catalog root folder.




Special customer shopping features

  • Wish List
    Each customer can create their own "wish list" of products. Every product in the catalog includes a "Add to my Wish List" link.
  • Allow the customer to add special notes for products
    Each product can be set to allow custom content for each product in the shopping cart. Request the text for custom engraving or ask for special shipping or gift wrapping information for each product.
  • Email to a friend
    On each product display page customers have the option of sending a link to the page to a friend. And each time they do, you have a potential new customer
  • Persistent customer shopping carts
    Customer who are interrupted while shopping can return to the site at a later time and the products in their shopping basket will still be there. You can set how long you want the shopping carts to stay intact.
  • Unlimited customer profiles
    Each customer can create multiple billing and shipping options. When checking out, the customer can simply check which billing and which shipping profile they wish to use.




Reports and order management features

  • Traffic Reports
    All VitueMart catalog stores include access to online traffic reports with Sawmill Log File Analysis and Reporting. All Professional Hosting Plans receive a full copy of Sawmill for use on a local computer.
  • Flexible Sales Reports
    Our unique sales report builder will let you create a custom report for any specific time frame. Choose just the order totals or include the detail information. All information is saved to a comma delimited file that can be opened directly in a spread sheet. You can then use the information any way you need
  • Shopping Cart Report
    This one click report shows you the products that have been added to a shopping cart and not finalized with an order
  • Online Sales and Inventory Reports
    These online reports allow you to easily generate an online report for each product sold or order within a specific date range including orders that have been canceled.
  • Product and inventory report
    This online report displays basic information for every product in your database including the current inventory count
  • Product Report Generator
    Our unique product report builder lets you create custom reports for all products in your database. The generator creates allows you to choose which database fields you need and creates a comma delimited file that can be opened directly in a spread sheet. You can then use the information any way you need.
  • Orders are kept in your catalog database
    All catalog orders are kept in your online database. You can review orders from last week or three years ago.
  • Orders Management
    Use VirtueMart's simple interface to review and process orders and add shipping information. Includes a "packing slip" option that allows you to print a packing slip of the order without the customer's payment information. Cancel questionable orders and change / update shipping costs. Add internal processing notes.
  • Orders Search
    Search all orders in your database by order ID, customer ID, date or customer first and/or last name
  • Customer List
    Create an online comma delimited customer list by date range and/or pricing level.
  • Customers can view their order history
    Each customer can review their entire order history. The order history also includes a link from each product in the order to your catalog to make re-ordering easier for your customer.




Security and Hosting

  • Security
    Virtuemart catalog websites require a security certificate which encrypts all order related personal information. VirueMart also uses an exclusive SSL Verisign encryption component to encrypt all credit card number information in the database.
  • Hosting Plans
    Hosting plans include
  • Complete setup of eShop software and database on our servers
    • Daily backups of your catalog database (same server)
    • 24/7 monitoring
    • 5 - 20 POP3 Email addresses with browser based email services for when you are out of the office
    • Up to 500 MB of file storage
    • Up to 250 MB of database storage
    • Daily database backups
    • UPS and Generator backup power
    • Restricted access to web and data servers
    • Historical 99.8% uptime including scheduled maintenance
    • Up to 5 GIG per month bandwidth (approximately 40,000 page views per month)


CyberNerdz Consulting Inc.

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