These are some other design portfolio of our full-brand development projects. We have included a little bit of everything so you can see the diversity in our work.Each project has undergone extensive color profiles, logo branding, website, and print design. CyberNerdz Consulting Inc. goes beyond and more in getting web presence to your business. Our full package service includes Search Engine Optimization, media publicity, user behavior studies, and more...

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Tuesday 16 Oct 2018
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CyberNerdz Consulting Inc. Web Development Services and affordable freelance designers
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CyberNerdz Consulting Inc. is a professional website design company located in Los Angeles, California – but we meet and work with selective clients from all over the United States. We specialize in website design, e-commerce, online marketing, Flash multimedia and print graphics.

CyberNerdz Consulting Inc. features an integrated team of web consultants, creative web designers, writers, programmers and marketing professionals that know how to get online results. Creative thinking, eclectic designs and solid business principles are the foundations for a group of professionals that are dedicated to their craft, not because they "have" to, but because they "love" to!

We have a reputation for creating a positive return on investment for our clients. If you are serious about your web design success, we can get you there!

As a reputable website design firm, we have been providing quality web design services to Southern California for over 15 years. We provide our web design services to; Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Ventura and nation wide.


Five Requirements

A successful website is one that helps you meet your business goals!

Do you want your website to help you grow your business?

Creating a successful website is not a simple process. You cannot simply create a graphic design, write some copy, put it all online and expect success. Creating a successful website is a process that continues even after the initial website design is completed.

This process requires a critical view of business and marketing processes and a design approach based on giving your website the features, functionality and content necessary to allow it to be successful.

Our five requirements for web site design is based on the basic principals of continuous improvement and provides the basis for a successful, effective business website.

  • Alignment: Alignment is the process of insuring that all processes in your business (including your web site) are aligned with your business goals. Simply put, you must make sure that each section of your web site works toward meeting at least one of your business goals. This is the basis for every section of your site and everything drives from it. Without alignment, it’s impossible to have an effective web site. Even if it works great, it’s not going to be much help to your business.
  • Clear Purpose: Once you have alignment, each section of the web site must have a purpose that is clearly understood by the site visitor. Purpose is the foundation of each site section. Purpose defines the look and feel (graphic design) and the content of the section. Having a clear purpose helps you create this content and it helps the site visitor understand what your site is about. Make sure your web site clearly defines its purpose. Don’t let your customers try to figure it out for themselves. They will probably get it wrong.
  • Create Action: Every web designer will agree that navigation is one of the most important aspects of good web design. However, most designers view navigation as only the links and buttons that allow people to find information they are looking for. The true importance of navigation is insuring that the site visitor knows what is expected… what action is required. This is NOT the traditional “direct marketing” call to action. Rather, it is insuring that the “purpose” of the site section is clear and that the correct action (the action you want them to take) is clearly defined. In other words, if you want the customer to contact you, make it obvious and simple. The vast majority of site visitors appreciate knowing what is expected. They enjoy having a path to follow. Even those who consider themselves free thinkers and prefer finding their own way appreciate it when the information they are trying to locate is clearly defined. You cannot increase the effectiveness of your web site if the visitor does nothing.
  • Relationship focused content: A relationship is required for any transaction to occur. In the physical world this relationship is taken for granted. Someone walks into your business, talks to a sales person, experiences the environment and makes a purchase. In the virtual world there is no person to help create a relationship. In fact, the virtual world is the home of non-relationship where a user can wander anonymously around your site, purposefully avoiding the creation of any relationship. This makes it absolutely necessary to focus your content on creating and enhancing a relationship… a connection between the site and the user.

    Relationships are based on two criteria… trust and emotional context. A person must trust your business and they must feel good about doing business with you (positive emotional context). While their perceived level of need for your products/services has an effect on the emotional context, your content must work to build on that need by providing positive emotional support for that need. Providing them with the benefits of your products/services is only one of many ways to build on that need.

Measurement: Without measurement you cannot  methodically improve your site. Without measurement you cannot know whether any change to your site improved or hurt the effectiveness of your site. How do you know you’re getting better if you don’t keep score? Effective measurement tells you if your web site is helping you meet your business goals.


Creative Designers


Why Hire a Professional Designer

In addition to CyberNerdz professional's in-depth knowledge of the web industry, user behaviors and artistic creativity, our freelance professional designers have the training and expertise to plan, schedule, execute and deliver your concept from start to finish.  CyberNerdz staff have worked with many satisfied clients, contractors and other service providers, coordinating and orchestrating the entire design team.

CyberNerdz Consulting Inc. has a versatile team of creative and very skilled graphical designers that has always delivered unique and impressive artwork(s) for many businesses.